How to boil Eggs

How to boil Eggs

Health benefits of Egg

It has that Omega – fat content which keeps our body and brain active. It enhances the memory. Whole eggs are high in protein specially the albumin or the egg white. It’s also filled with choline, Lutein and zeaxanthin. You should make it a relish able food everyday as it supplements all the vitamins needed by our body.

Lets learn the trick to boil a soft textured creamy egg !!!


  • 650 ml Water
  • 6 Eggs


  • Draining spoon
  • Bowl of ice and water
  • Stockpot with a fitted lid
  • Timer 

Step-wise cooking method for those savory and multitone flavour.

Step 1:

 Take the stock pot and leave the eggs in a single layer.

Note: Avoid leaving them one above the other for better results.

Step 2:

Pour water until the eggs are completely immersed in water.

Step 3:

Bring it to boil, with out the eggs covered.

Step 4:

Remove it from the burner and close the bowl with the lid and leave it for 8 minutes.

Step 5:

Prepare an ice bath by filling the bowl with water and ice cubes.

Step 6:

It’s time to transfer the boiled eggs into the ice water. Make sure you leave them one by one slowly.


After 5 minutes the eggs are ready to be peeled.

So you eventually want to eat that egg, huum? Lets remove the shells without any egg dents

Way to peel the egg

  • Remove the eggs off the ice bath.
  • Slightly tap one end of the egg on a hard surface,slightly cracking the shell.
  • Roll the egg on a hard surface until there are few more cracking on the egg.
  • You can hold the egg under the running water and start peeeling it from the cracked end.
  • When you start peeling from beneath  the thin membrane, keeping the egg still under the running water it becomes easy to seperate the egg from the shell.

How to avoid green yolk?

Make it a point to not to over do with boiling. This may lead to that greenish- grey ring on the yolk which is formed by the reaction of Hydrogen sulfide in the egg white with the iron in the yolk. To that of the scientific level its not at all harming to health……

What to do with the shells?

Crumble them and add them to the potted plants. They provide that extra manure for the growth of the plants. Lot of art work can be done with shell.


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