How to cook rice

How to cook rice

Is it simple to cook rice??

When it comes to rice, everybody thinks it is the easiest to cook as it is the fundamental element of South Indian foods. But cooking rice should be ace’d with practice as rice may get very mushy or too crunchy for your taste while trying it for the first few times without proper guidance. Here we’ve two prominent styles of cooking the finest white rice which eludes the proper ratio of crunchy and mushy. 

Before going through the process of cooking, cleaning the rice is very important at all times. The rice must be strained in running water for at least three times. 

1. Using Pan 

Take one measuring cup of white rice in the strainer. Place the pan under the strainer and drain it with running water. As the water drains from the strainer, repeat the process for two times. 

Now transfer the rice strained from the strainer to the pan. Add two cups of water to the rice in the pan and stir clear of the starch with your fingers before lighting the stove. Do not stir the water or the rice in the pan after lighting the stove. 

Keep the pan on the stove and light the stove to medium flame. Once the water boils, turn the stove controls to low flame. Cover the pan with a kitchen towel and close it with a lid, folding the cloth onto it ensuring it doesn’t dangle near the burner. 

Check the status of the rice cooked after 15 minutes and close the lid again. Turn the stove off after 10 minutes and check the fluffiness of the rice cooked with a fork

2. Using Pressure Cooker

Take one measuring cup of white rice in a cooking vessel and wash the dust and dirt off using running water and strainer. Drain the water and repeat the cleansing process for a minimum of two times.

Add two and a half measuring cup of drinking water to the rice in the cooking vessel and cover the vessel with a plate or lid.

Fix the pressure cooker on to the stove to medium flame along with the base plate and fill the cooker with 1/2 cup of water. 

Now, keep the cooking vessel containing rice and water inside the pressure cooker and close the lid of the cooker and fix the pressure whistle.

Turn off the stove when the whistle blows five-six times and check the fluffiness of the cooked rice using a fork or a spork.

These are the two traditional methods of cooking the perfect and fluffy white rice. 


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