How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

How to reduce belly fat, effectively?

Verifiably, the myth of reducing your belly fat much easier than the other body fats is true

The incorrect details about reducing the belly fat actually decreases the speed of the process which includes consumption of fruit juices, salt, fibres and bread culture. Honestly, a wholesome bread will not much help in reducing your belly fat. Thus, a well balanced food plan and a few fitness exercise can help you reduce your belly fat, sweet, easy and natural. 

These 10 tips act as a catalyst speeding up the process of losing belly fat as well to increase your metabolism.

  • Drink 1 glass of water just after waking up. Keeping yourself hydrated with a minimum of four litres of water everyday, is vital. This helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and digests the food properly.
  • 30 minutes to one hour of exercising in the morning, just after having a glass of water and a banana is mandatory. You can have a banana in an empty stomach and it is one of the best foods to have before exercise. Exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be gym-based. Yoga, skipping and jogging also makes a major difference in your body weight.
  • For breakfast, eating a high protein diet is the major food plan to lose belly fat. Boiled eggs, Chia Seeds with Milk, Dalia, Oats, Idli, Greek Yogurt, Chilla, etc are some of the high-protein food varieties. Even two teaspoons of flaxseed with milk or yogurt helps in positive outcomes.
  • The major nemesis in your food plan includes maida, fried food items and sweet. Your belly craves to have these foods but it’s better to get away from them as soon as possible. To crack down your craving for sweets, try fresh and raw fruits. Instead of sugar, jaggery can be used.
  • A healthy lifestyle is much more important than an exercise routine to reduce belly fat. Try having an eight hour window in between your dinner and breakfast for your stomach to burn the fat naturally. 
  • Avoid having snacks or craving dishes after your dinner time. A three hour interval between your dinner time and sleep time helps the food to be digested smoothly which reduces the chance of forming another layer of fat in your abdominal. Thus an ideal time to have dinner would be around 7 PM.
  • Sipping hot water in place of still water increases the possibility of burning fat and also helps in concentrating on work.

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