How to whiten the teeth naturally

How to whiten the teeth naturally

The most natural activity in everyday life is talking with people, formal or informal. An unclean tooth marks bad impression and lowers self-confidence. Smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee or your personal diet plan may naturally speeden up the process of teeth discoloration. A regular brushing of your teeth, twice a day and rinsing, helps to overcome the problem and prevents the basic trouble of bad breath and rapid discoloration. 

There are the majorly used homemade remedies to treat tooth discoloration.

1. Turmeric

The very popular remedy for tooth staining in ancient times includes turmeric, rock salt and mustard oil. Add one small spoon of turmeric with a pinch of Rock Salt and one teaspoon of mustard oil. Whisk the ingredients and beat it to paste consistency. As usual, use it just like you use toothpaste and brush your teeth gradually for 2–3 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. 

2. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient and effective way to get rid of teeth discoloration, preferably with the use of coconut oil. Consume one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and push and pull the oil through your teeth. Continue the process of oil pulling for 20-25 minutes which kills the microorganisms and minute food particles which buries itself deep on the insides of the teeth causing tooth discoloration. 

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar consists of acetic acid, probiotics, magnesium, potassium and other necessary ingredients that aid in natural whiteness of the teeth, killing the harmful bacteria in the oral cavity. Apply the apple cider vinegar in a slow circular pace and wash it off with water.

4. Fruit peel

Use a banana, lemon or an orange peel and  rub the teeth with the inner surface of the peels. The peels are a good source of magnesium, potassium, and manganese that enrich the enamel, strengthening the teeth enamel as well as whitens the teeth. Fruit peels contain Vitamin C which also helps in fighting against bacteria. Apart from teeth whitening, it is also good to treat acne.

5. Carrots

Crunchy raw vegetables and fruits can also clean your teeth and whiten them properly. Munching carrots, celery, apples, guava, etc on a daily basis acts as natural stain removers producing more saliva killing bacteria. This abrasive process on the teeth eventually whitens them removing the yellowish tint.

6. Basil leaves

Grind the basil leaves dried in direct Sunlight for 10-15 minutes and grind it to make a powder of dried basil leaves. Alternatively, you can also grind the basil leaves and orange peel into the consistency of a paste and apply it on your teeth to retain the white teeth. Apply it with your finger and wash after 15 minutes with normal water.

7. Neem twigs

The first ever brush used to clean the teeth, the green yet strong Neem twigs can be used to rub on the teeth gently to remove yellow tint on your teeth. Brush your teeth with the chewed and softer side of the neem twigs to get a set of white teeth within a week

There are many many solutions for tooth whitening and also product developmental teeth whitening toothpaste to retain the original colour of the teeth and to preserve the tooth enamel. 

Regular brushing, rinsing and flossing will produce better and most effective results on retaining the colour and to prevent the rapid process of tooth discoloration.


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